You have to try this Miracle Morning Stuff…

I’ve just come back from Vietnam – and it reminded me how much I loved Good Morning Vietnam – the awesome film by Robin Williams – the key phrase I remember being “it’s 0600 hours and what does the ‘0’ stand for – oh my god it’s early.”

Now I am known for my early rising – the occasional 0400 start but more regularly 0500/0530 – so when it was suggested that I got up a further half hour earlier I thought I just can’t. Truly just can’t.

But I have – and the reason it’s been achievable is the motivation to do it. Because what I am doing is making me feel great. I have established a new morning routine, which I am loving so I wanted to share it with you.

You’ll all know I have been seriously focusing on my business 24/7 since 2012 – and in the process have completely neglected the Kate in the equation  – my personal development and priorities weren’t being fitted in as regularly as I wanted to – and what with a busy evening schedule (mostly business stuff too) as well as ten-hour days in the office – not to mention my blogs and books etc – I just wasn’t fitting the ME bit in.

And  – here’s the thing – I was beginning to think not fitting me in was starting to affect my performance.  Sure the business is growing, and we are starting to make more money – but I was in danger of losing a bit of traction.  I am learning and developing the business everyday but am I doing the same for myself? If I am the prime ingredient in my business trajectory then it’s essential I give as much priority to ME to make sure my business grows.  But how the bloody hell do I get up at 04bloody30 to fit it all in?

Well I have made what I do at 04bloody30 so enjoyable I actually find myself getting up even earlier if a 0430 start means I am not going to fit it all in. Seriously, I was up at 0300 yesterday – because I’d rather do this than stay up past 9pm – because I am looking better, feeling better and I swear it is making me work more efficiently during the day. Seriously – try this for a week and get back to me – I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

I start by getting the blood flowing – dancing around – but you can try a bit of cardio or whatever rocks your boat – I then do yoga – I then read, add affirmations and visualizations, write up my journal and then meditate  – 60-70 minutes to set up my day.

There’s a great book you can read on this called The Miracle Morning, which focuses on this – here’s the link – and it’s very VERY good.  From my perspective I just think if you are wanting to work at the top of your game you have to work on you as well as your business and by prioritizing this FIRST THING you start the day knowing you have ticked the exercise box, the learning box, the self development box – in an hour (ish) a day.

I know its another thing to add to your to do list – and I know it’s another hour you will have to relinquish elsewhere but all I can say is I am loving it. Mind you I am no company by 0900 now! And warning – it’s a bit contagious – it was going to be weekdays but I am loving it so much I’m getting up earlier weekends too!