Alan McClafferty

I have known and worked with Kate over the past four years, firstly when she volunteered to assisted me in improving the marketing of my professional sports team Guildford Heat Basketball Club and its charitable foundation. This was where I saw for the first time her rare ability to drive change into an organisation while at the same time maintaining the enthusiasm of the people involved.
More recently, she has advised me on potential changes I can make to my main business, manufacturing fire engines, where I can boost sales and margins. In business I have come across many people who know what to say but lack the ability to deliver. Kate is not one of those. She has an approach which is a combination of intellect, humour and empathy driven by an infectious enthusiasm for the project which I have seen first-hand delivers results.
Kate always ensures her company is meeting your needs. Not just in the generic “how did we do?” way but by truly understanding exactly what you need up front then driving her systems and people to ensure that is what is delivered