• Kate, we don’t know each other and for you to take the time to address your advice to a total stranger is genuinely appreciated – thank you very much. It’s only been a few months since I found you – through your two books and then this website – all of which has been truly inspirational.

    Tony Donnelly
    Goodwood Fleet & Rental Management
  • Kate is an inspiration! Any business person can learn from this gifted lady.

    Chin Chin Bar and Kitchen
  • Kate has high energy and her enthusiasm is infectious. Her direct approach is refreshing.

    Simon Meredith
    Freight First
  • Kate an immense force to be reckoned with and it’s a privilege to share so much of her life and her business.

    Katherine Melville Wright
    Friends 1st
  • Kate is the sort of business person who is fairly unique. Not only is she successful but, as with lots of high performers, she ensures that her determination to succeed and business acumen are balanced by a great sense of humour and a very approachable manner. During the Surrey Office Star Award there were many people vying for her time and yet she made everyone feel that they were the sole focus of her attention and was never rushed. She made a big impact and is the sort of person the Government should employ to send out to schools to show kids what can be achieved through hard work and focus. Surrey needs more business leaders like Kate.

    Emma Hanney
    Herrington Carmichael
  • Kate’s approach to achieving goals both on a professional and personal level is one that produces immediate results. Her credibility and business background ensures she is a sounding-board for ideas, setting out an appropriate path to realise long-held aspirations and ambitions. Be prepared for change!

    Melanie Betts
  • Kate empowers people, recognises potential in them and enables them to realise this potential. That’s one big reason why she has such a loyal team.

    Dave Reith
    Diamond Logistics
  • Kate’s involvement in the Surrey business community goes way beyond her own business interests. She has inspired others (myself included) to set up and run their own businesses in Surrey. She continues to push boundaries, creating new ideas and schemes to help her own and other organisations.

    Vanessa Green
    Wigwam PR
  • I known Kate for the last decade and have always been impressed with her sheer dynamism, drive, energy and ability to analyse a given situation, cut through any extraneous crap and get to the root of the issue at hand – then deal with it quickly and efficiently. Her skills range from sales and marketing through to finance and HR. I would love to see her take on Alan Sugar and the rest of the Apprentices. If I was a gambling man I know where my money would be.

    Shaun Merrick
    Speed Couriers
  • I have known and worked with Kate over the past four years, firstly when she volunteered to assisted me in improving the marketing of my professional sports team Guildford Heat Basketball Club and its charitable foundation. This was where I saw for the first time her rare ability to drive change into an organisation while at the same time maintaining the enthusiasm of the people involved.
    More recently, she has advised me on potential changes I can make to my main business, manufacturing fire engines, where I can boost sales and margins. In business I have come across many people who know what to say but lack the ability to deliver. Kate is not one of those. She has an approach which is a combination of intellect, humour and empathy driven by an infectious enthusiasm for the project which I have seen first-hand delivers results.
    Kate always ensures her company is meeting your needs. Not just in the generic “how did we do?” way but by truly understanding exactly what you need up front then driving her systems and people to ensure that is what is delivered

    Alan McClafferty
    Managing Director, John Dennis Coachbuilders Ltd
  • I could have left after day one and implemented some life-changing actions to my business! Day two blew my mind!

    Mark Rose, boosh365.com