What I learned from Alex Ferguson

This is a very seasonal one for you – Xmas cards! That’s right folks – I am definitely the first person to mention the C – word this year – but I am going to talk about something that has utterly changed my opinion of actually sending them – so much so that for the first time in about 20 years I am going to send out Easter cards to.

I am not just talking about work; I am talking about personally too.  Because personally – I have not sent Christmas cards out for years now – instead making a donation to charity but the book I am reading this month – is Leading by Alex Ferguson which has entirely turned my head on a thing or two – but one of them has been the subject of Xmas cards.

You see I haven’t sent them because I am not a Christmassy person – but that’s not what it’s all about – it’s not about me – it’s about reminding the people I care about that I am thinking of them. That they are in my thoughts. That I care.

Because that’s what it’s all about in business- sometimes it can take a gentle reminder of a card or a note – sent repeatedly with heart for a period longer that you might expect – that might just might win you the business.

The only tip I have to say is make it genuine and make it personal – not just a printed card which has no relevance at all.  A genuine card with a note personally written. It’s old fashioned but impactful and if sent with meaning and consistence, persistence helps build those important relationships.  And I’m not just talking about supply relationships, it can be your client, your suppliers, your team or your friends – we send a lot of cards here – Birthday, workaversary, launch day, Valentine’s, Easter and Christmas too.  It’s not too late to send your Top 20 at least a card for Easter – and they wouldn’t be expecting that – nor would many businesses be celebrating it, so it will help you stand out from the crowd.

Now be careful of corporate bribery laws here too but you’ll also be surprised how very thoughtful gifts often go down really well too.

Like a Sanctuary bath set from Andy at Mailing Answers instead of the proverbial bottle of wine and a great CD from Matt at the Bright Click – not just a token box of Quality Street – something he genuinely thought I would like –and I did.

It is personal and intimate and a little bit brave but I think a bit of good old fashioned thoughtfulness, and a gentle reminder that you care and are thinking of people is super sweet.  And if it works on an old harridan like me I have no doubt it will win you business!

I get my team Birthday cards and cake, and workaversary cards too.  It’s just a little thing but it lets them know I am thinking of them.

Trust this tidbit helps your business grow.  I look forward to getting my Easter cards!