Welcome to KateLester.Com

Hi and welcome to my website.

So what is Katelester.com all about? My mission is to share with business owners around the UK as much knowledge as I can so that they can build their businesses and lead the life they truly wish for and indeed deserve.

There are LOTS of people out there, particularly in the online community, who, simply by the ownership of a website think their advice is worthy of sharing.  You know the type – the fluffy websites, the gentle advice, the global networking, massage my fragile ego type opportunity. THIS AIN’T THAT.

It disturbs me  that many of these people know bugger all about what they are talking about, spouting only their opinion and what they have gathered from all the self-help books they have read.  Now if you want to know who the greats are – the people who in my humble opinion really know their stuff – you look at their CVs.   Oprah, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar,– they didn’t build their empires out of the self-help industry – they built their businesses and their fortunes – and then shared their experience. Now these are people worth listening too.

There are thousands of online self-helpers who want YOUR money. That’s it. They prey on the lonely, the desperate, and the hungry-to-learn, providing an emotional crutch whilst extracting as much money as they can out of their hungry audience.  The online life coach industry is full or people spouting absolute, unfounded, unsubstantiated shite.

This site is free and the help videos always will be – the content is Copyrighted but please read it and consume and apply voraciously!

You can do it how I did it and learnt the hard way over 24+ years’ worth of business experience the right and wrong ways of how to do stuff. Or you can take some advice from an old hand who has been there, bought the top and made the video – and take a great big short cut to success.

Therefore if you are SERIOUS about your life and SERIOUS about your business then this may be just the resource for you.

I am an award winning Entrepreneur who has the fastest growing courier network in the UK. My core business is in transport – a down to earth, nuts and bolts business.  I have had my business since 1992, and have also consulted in industries and wide ranging as event management, to IT to ladies underwear and property development so I have pretty wide ranging practical experience.  I understand growing pains, finance, employee issues and the sheer psychological challenge of developing your business. I am also an author and speaker and did I forget to mention the mother of two lovely kids, Chloe and Oscar who have shared my entrepreneurial journey with me since Day one.   I am also a bit of a hippy (but don’t tell anyone) who truly believes is Shared Success – if I can help you I will.

Read, consume enjoy – and I’ll look forward to hearing from you as you develop your business.

Kate xx