Sisters Doing It For Themselves

Equality, diversity and inclusion is still a big issue in 2020. Its frankly ridiculous. diamond has parity employment and these figures include our board – so if we can do it then why cant everyone else.

I used to think we should be pleased at the progress we had made from the 1990’s when we were being chased around conference centres – but it hasn’t changed enough. I’m horrified that my daughter faced misogynistic challenges as she started her career and I am super determined that by the time my grand daughters arrive that they wont have to put up with this nonsense. Here’s a bit of insight into what we do at diamond.

How we have parity employment at diamond

Few bits and bobs about awards and other achievements at diamond….

Kate at Virgin’s Fast Track 100 2018

diamondlogistics Virgin Fast Track 100 ranking:

diamondlogistics FT 1000 ranking

More to come…… 😉