It’s all about love

I had a very full-on meeting in London the other day with a group of business people. These are some of the most interesting guys and gals I know and they have fascinating businesses and careers. We had had a really full on meet – swapping knowledge and sharing ideas.

And then we went for a drink afterwards – and what was the hot topic? Love. Or the search for it. Or the coping with it once you have it. Or the inability to find time for it.

I have to say I was gloriously reassured at the concept that after all our ambition, all our high-faluting plans, and all our cash flows and profit and loss, that all it all boils down to is L-O-V-E.

So why am I sharing this with you? As a salutary reminder. That we can all get very involved with the ambition, the figures and the big plans. But if after everything you don’t have the affection of your friends, family, pets and or significant other, then what’s it all about?

I read something about the richest people in the world – the billionaires – being mostly 60 + plus men in their yachts surrounded by these nubile young lovelies. Now as entrepreneur I don’t know if you want the yacht (or the nubile young lovelies even!) but I do know as humans what we are seeking is not just the money, success and yacht.   All of that will mean nothing if there is no one to share it with. And the tragedy of it all is that those men on their yachts know those people don’t love them for who they are – they know it’s all about the money.

Love doesn’t have to your significant other – think friends, family, fluffy things – but I am urging you to take the time to live and love all along the way of your entrepreneurial journey. Because wouldn’t it be shit to go through this journey, to create this business, to create your wealth – and reach your financial nirvana only to find it bereft of love and companionship.

So it’s a bit of a hippy one from me this week. But go give your man or woman a cuddle, phone your mum and tell her you love her, give your horse a hug, tell your kids you love them. And share your success all the way through the journey so you get to enjoy the bounty of your labours with people who love you when you reach your goals.


Lots of love to you all. Take care.