How great is your desire?

There’s a lady I know who runs a fab business but she was posting on Facebook this week about how she doesn’t think she can do it. She doesn’t think she has what it takes to do it, doesn’t think she has the energy, and doesn’t think she has the skills or talents to do it.

Here’s the thing – we all have days like that. So does anyone in business – even the best entrepreneurs in the world have had days when they don’t know how to do it all, don’t know where to run or how to cope.  It’s just a feeling.

But the key bit you have to work on is the belief that despite all of this you will succeed.

The desire to succeed has to be bigger than anything else. Any mistakes, gaps in cash flow, employee issues etc etc are just mere details – it’s all about drilling into your desire to succeed. Your overwhelming, come what may, abso-f***ing-lutely, positively will, desire to succeed. Because once you have that, everything else will follow.

I say this with 100% clarity because I spend every living moment with my £40m+ goal here and my 100% determination to achieve it and my belief that I will succeed not just in that but in much much more.

There is this great sign up in Brighton that says ‘My desire is great, I have great desire’.

I have a company I can picture, an AGM that I can envisage in my head with 200 people and a super clear vision of where we are going. I play it over and over in my head and my whole being is set up to work towards this goal.

If I have a bad day – I bag it, understanding that all that I face is a mere detail. Whether its people, money or even legal action – it is a detail, smaller than my will to succeed.

It’s what gets athletes up every day when they train, what gets entrepreneurs over whatever hurdle faces them that day, it’s what makes mountain climbers get to the summit and marathon runners finish the race. The will is greater than any pain that may be faced.

Now this super special lady can do quite a lot of what I have just spoken about – a marathon would be a morning jog for this super special person. She has no problem with will. She has no problem with determination. She just needs to add belief.

And every obstacle she faces, every problem, person or otherwise, that presents itself will be a mere detail. Yes it may be relentless and yes it may be frustrating. But she will absolutely do what she wants to if she 100% believes – everything else is a mere detail.

I hope she knows she inspired this.  And as a cry to all my fellow entrepreneurs, we can and we will.

We can and we will.