How did I achieve success ‘so easily’?. Here’s how in Decembers Q and A


Hi and welcome. Laura writes, simply, what’s the secret of how you became so successful so quickly?

Well this one is super simple. I didn’t. I started Diamond in 1992 – earnt a whole £5ooo in my first year, and a mere £11000 in my second and worked 60 hour week with my daughter in my arms – answering phones whilst juggling her, earning for years less than my couriers or indeed the girl I hired to look after my daughter when it was clear office life was not fair on a tiny baby. I think it was 1996 when I finally made £25k or so, bought a house and started to be more successful. 5 years of graft.

My mum said I’d be better off on the dole, and there have been many times of horrible stress in that last 24 nearly 25 years, and do I deem my self to be ‘successful’ now. Well no – I am still a work in progress – and I still work 60-hour weeks.  My foot is still firmly on the gas.

Now I tell you this simply to say that if you want to start your own business and for it to be successful then expect to work harder than you even have, for initially far less reward and expect it to be HARD.

In all probability you will not be the next Facebook, nor will you have the ‘life’ balance that you want.

You will scrap around and regardless of how many blogs and books you read you will make plenty of  expensive mistakes. That success – and success has to be however you define it – it a long term goal. Nothing about self-employment is gifted to you – not if you are starting from scratch.  And certainly not quickly.  This is your reality check.

BTW – its also the most exciting step you’ll ever take, it may be the hardest but will also be the most rewarding and although you may experience many sorrows you will also expect many highs too.  But if you want easy – get a job.

There is no such thing as quick success. The secret to any success is many many thousands of hours of concentrated effort.  Not easy but TRUE.

I hope that helps, Laura! Take care x