Boxing Day 2016 – An Excuse to Find Legitimate YOU Time on Boxing day!!

Merry Xmas!

Please note the Xmas jumper.  Now I am guessing that you are sitting here on Boxing Day maybe feeling a little bit stuffed still from yesterday’s indulgences.

This is not your chill out and relax email – if you are anything like me your family will be driving you nuts by now so I am giving you a good excuse to get away from the chaos and do something amazing. I want you to spend the time between Xmas and New Year reflecting on what you have achieved in 2016 and setting out some goals for 2017.

I am a FIRM believer that the first step to something happening is to write it down – and every year I write out my aims – from books to read to theatre to see to places to visits – and my business aims of course – and I review them at this time of year to make sure I start the New Year with a plan.

The weird thing is I rarely visit it during the year. I just go back at the same time very year – and a very miraculous thing has happened. More often than not I have achieved what is on that list.  Sometimes I have just made progress –not 100% achieved – so the goals get rolled into the next year – but since I was as young as I can remember I have written this down. I knew what I want and I wrote it down and it happens.

So as well as wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a super prosperous New Year I want to encourage you to write your wish list for 2017. And maybe this time next year you’ll be writing to me to tell me how much you have achieved – just by writing it down.

Have a wonderful break – and feel free to share your 2017 wish list with me at

Much love and take care.