12 Diamond Tips for Success

1. Know what you want. What’s your ultimate 5 year goal? What’s your number?

2. Manage your time – there is no more precious commodity an entrepreneur has than time – so manage it

3. Beware of social media, email etc – the world’s biggest TIME VAMPIRES

4. Know who your most valuable clients are – it may not be who you think

5. Change you bank – there are options out there

6. Review you logistics – know point researching, manufacturing and marketing your widget to then use a crap courier – choose logistic partners wisely

7. Stop enduring incompetence – team members, suppliers, crappy clients – just stop!

8. Track your marketing – no point having loads of marketing pillars and not knowing which one are returning a reasonable (300% + ) ROI.

9. If you face a problem – get a break – you need space gives you fresh ideas – stay too close to the coal face and you’ll not see enough of the problem to get a well-rounded solution to it

10. Educate your self – keep yourself at the forefront of your business education

11. Don’t do it alone, get help – mentor, local Chamber, other business owners are great sources of advice.

12. Enjoy. Permeate each day with optimism and happiness – the most productive and infectious of motivators.